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Zero Motorcycles: Leading BEV Sports Motorcycle Maker with Presence in Over 100 Countries

Leading BEV Sports Motorcycle Maker with Presence in Over 100 Countries

Zero Motorcycles is a leading manufacturer of BEV sports bikes, headquartered in California, USA. The company sold over 3,500 units mainly in Europe and the United States in 2021. Zero develops battery packs and motors suitable for sports bikes in-house. The company also develops the Cypher Operating System, an OS for BEV bikes that links and manages the battery management system, motor control, stability control, charging system, connectivity module and other functions. As of January 2022, in addition to six models of street bikes and three models of dual sport motorcycles, products are also being developed for fleets such as police, military, and government use. Zero’s products are not compatible with DC quick chargers. They can be only charged with 200V power sources commonly used in homes and offices.

Since Zero sells products at a high price of 10,000 to 20,000 USD, many of its users are highly educated and high-income early adopters. Since 2020, sales are expanding in Asia. The company aims to maintain and grow as a global top player in the BEV sports bikes segment by leveraging its in-house developed electric powertrain and software technology.

Company Overview
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