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Toyota Motor Surpassed Its Initial Domestic Target in 2019, Selling 1.61 Million Vehicles

In 2019, the total sales volume of Toyota and Lexus vehicles (including imported vehicles) in Japan increased 2.9% year-on-year to 1.61 million units, exceeding the initial forecast of 1.57 million units. As the Japanese market fell 1.5% to 5.19 million units, Toyota’s market share increased 1.3 points to 31.0%, surpassing 30% for the first time in two years. Despite the consumption tax hike in Japan, Toyota increased sales by introducing many new vehicles, mainly SUVs. Looking at sales by segment in 2019, sales of sedans were down 5.7%, but specialty, SUV and MPV models were up. In the sedan category, sales of the Lexus ES (newly launched in October 2018) and Corolla Sport (newly launched in June 2019) increased significantly, but sales of other models fell compared to the previous year. On the other hand, sales of specialty models increased by 5.1% to 8,544 units, with a total of 1,442 units were added by the introduction of the GR Supra and Copen GR Sport. Looking at SUVs, the C-HR, which recorded a huge hit in 2017, fell sharply for the second consecutive year.
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