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Thailand’s Motorcycle Sales, Production and Export Results in 2021

Thailand’s motorcycle sales increased 6.1% compared to the previous year to 1,610,223 units in 2021 (new registration data released by Thailand’s Department of Land Transport). Compared to 2019, sales declined 6.9%, failing to recover to the pre-corona level like in other ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Motorcycle production went up 10.2% to 1,780,609 units. Meanwhile, motorcycle exports in CBU form reached a record high of 437,147 units, a 43.8% increase, driven by the recovery of Thailand’s largest motorcycle maker Honda.

Bar graph: Thailand: Sales Volume of Motorcycles (2007-2021)Line graphs: Thailand: Market Share of the Top Six Brands (2012-2021)Bar graph: Thailand: Sales Volume of Motorcycles by Engine Displacement (2019-2021)Bar graph: Thailand: Sales Volume of Electric Motorcycles (2012-2021)
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