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Freetech Plans to Achieve Level 3 Self-driving Technology in 2024-2025

This report includes information on the following topics: Key images:
  • Freetech
  • self-driving
  • ADAS
  • level 3
  • autonomous driving systems
  • autonomy
  • China
  • Chinese startup
  • mass-production
  • hardware
  • software
  • algorithms
  • system integration
  • driving support solutions
  • domain controllers
  • facilities
  • employees
  • company history
  • camera development
  • Texas Instruments
  • semiconductors
  • development
  • manufacturing
  • active safety systems
  • Tongxiang city, Zhejiang province
  • R&D center
  • Shanghai
  • test center for autonomous driving technology
  • Wuzhen town, Zhejiang province
  • Geely Automobile
  • Beifang Bus
  • Binyue
  • Horizon Robotics
  • AI
  • ISO9001 certification
  • strategic partnership
  • LiDAR
  • RoboSense
  • assembly & test line
  • Zhang Lin
  • development roadmap
  • level 2+
  • driving and parking functions
  • big data
  • 2024
  • 2025
  • level 4
  • modular software
  • DMS (driver monitor system)
  • lane changes
  • rampways
  • automated valet parking
  • product overview
  • 76-77 GHz radar
  • front center radar
  • front corner radar
  • rear corner radar
  • mechanical rotation
  • MEMS
  • passenger vehicles
  • commercial vehicles
  • Domain Control Unit
  • DCU Basic
  • DCU Enhanced
  • DCU Premium
  • production plans
  • 2023
  • high-precision IMU
  • cloud service
  • V2X
  • factory construction
  • mass production trends
  • DCU1
  • DCU2
  • millimeter-wave radar
  • obstance avoidance
  • motor show participation
  • Shanghai Motor Show 2021
  • Changan Automobile
  • Wuling Automobile
  • FAW Group
  • installation of ADAS
  • Qoros Auto
  • Qoros 7 midsize crossover SUV
  • Chery Automobile
  • X70 midsize crossover SUV
  • Beijing Motor Show
  • Proton X50 subcompact crossover SUV
  • Malaysian market
  • introduction of level 4 technology to buses
  • Blue Town Group
  • self-driving bus operation
  • Hangzhou Grand Canal Asian Games Park
  • financing
Freetech Intelligent Systems Co.,Ltd. logo

Freetech Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is a Chinese startup company specializing in the development and production of ADAS and autonomous driving systems. Freetech's core competitiveness is its ability to provide solutions that include hardware, software, algorithms and system integration for ADAS and autonomous driving systems. The company also has the capability to mass-produce related systems. Freetech is currently focusing on the development of Level 2.9 - 3 driving support solutions centered on domain controllers. Along with increasing adoption of Level 2+ and experience-based Level 3 technologies, big data is accumulated which will be used to introduce Level 3 technology in 2024 or 2025.

Freetech: Company Overview and History


Company name: Freetech Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.
Freetech Intelligent Systems Co.,Ltd. logo
Headquarters: Tongxiang city, Zhejiang province
Established: March 2017
Legal rep.: CEO Zhang Lin
Capital: 700 million CNY
Employees: Approx. 600 (70% are R&D personnel)
Ownership: Freetech (Zhejiang) Intelligent Technology 97.1429%, Tongxiang Wuzhen Intelligent Driving Industry No. 1 Investment 2.8571%
Business scope: Development and mass production of radars, LiDAR, cameras, domain controllers, and ADAS / autonomous driving solutions using the above parts
Facility locations: Headquarters in Tongxiang city, Zhejiang province. Branch office in Shanghai.
Clients: Geely Automobile, Chery Automobile, Qoros Auto, Beifang Bus, FAW Group, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, Foton Motor, etc.
Top management: - CEO Zhang Lin: Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Holds a master's degree from Wayne State University (USA) and a PhD from the University of Michigan. Formerly in charge of R&D, production and sales at Chrysler and Geely Automobile. - CTO Shen Junqiang: Holds a PhD from Auburn University (USA). Employed at Delphi for 16 years and at Huawei for two and a half years.


・Mar. 2017: Concluded an agreement with the Tongxiang municipal government to set up its headquarters in the city. ・Oct. 2017: Began development of cameras among other products. ・Mar. 2018: Formed a business alliance with Texas Instruments, a major semiconductor development and manufacturing company, to jointly develop chips for active safety systems. ・Mar. 2018: Established an R&D center in Shanghai. ・May 2018: Established a test center for autonomous driving technology in Wuzhen town, Zhejiang province. ・Sep. 2018: Became able to manufacture in-house developed front-view camera testing device. ・Oct. 2018: Concluded a basic agreement on the installation of its products in Jianghuai Automobile’s passenger vehicle models. ・Nov. 2018: Concluded a basic agreement on the installation of its products in Beifang Bus’s commercial vehicle models. ・Dec. 2018: Concluded a basic agreement on the installation of its products in Qoros Auto’s passenger vehicle models. ・Jan. 2019: Became a supplier of Geely Automobile. ・Apr. 2019: Beifang Bus’s commercial vehicles equipped with Freetech’s ADAS came off the production line. ・Oct. 2019: Geely Automobile unveiled the Binyue small SUV equipped with Freetech’s ADAS. ・Nov. 2019: Formed a strategic partnership with Horizon Robotics, a Chinese AI chip developer. ・Dec. 2019: Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification. ・Jan. 2020: Formed a strategic partnership with Chinese LiDAR startup RoboSense. ・Jan. 2020: Launched a radar and LiDAR assembly / test line at the company’s headquarters. The same line can also manufacture cameras and domain controllers. (Created using Freetech’s PR materials and various media sources)
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