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Chinese Startup Manufacturers to Launch NIO, Byton BEV Brands

Chinese BEV (battery electric vehicle) startups are attracting attention. NIO began taking advance orders for its volume-selling ES8 model in December 2017. FMC (Future Mobility Corporation) unveiled the Byton Concept in January 2018. These products were designed as electric vehicles from the start; therefore, they are different in many points compared to products of other automakers. Consumer response has yet to be known; however, depending on the degree of acceptance, these models could alter vehicle development of other automakers. The NIO ES8 is a seven-seater SUV featuring high-strength 7003 series aluminum alloy body (Al-Zn-Mg). Similarly to the Tesla Model X, the ES8 is fitted with an in-house-made induction motor to improve acceleration performance. The model is powered by two EDS (electric drive system), located in the front and rear, which integrate an induction motor, gearbox and inverter. Motor output is set at 240kW, but it may be increased to 300kW by upgrading IGBT.
The 15,000rpm gearbox is China’s first. The VDA lithium-ion battery with an energy density of over 210Wh/kg is supplied by Chinese battery maker CATL. The 70kWh battery provides a driving range of 355km in electric mode. Battery exchange system is offered as an optional feature. The ES8 is also equipped with Mobileye EyeQ4 vision units and 24 other ADAS and AD systems.
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