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BYD Launches 3 BEV Cars in 2023, Aims for 100 Stores by 2025 in Japan

Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD entered the Japanese passenger car market in January 2023. The company has more than 17 years of business experience in Japan, starting with smartphone and PC battery sales in 2005 and BEV buses in 2015. In July 2022, BYD Auto Japan was established, specializing in passenger car sales services.

Regarding BYD’s sales network for passenger cars in Japan, the company plans to establish 100 stores nationwide by 2025. This figure exceeds Peugeot's 96 stores as of January 2023, which will make BYD’s sales network the eighth largest among imported car brands. From late January 2023, pre-opening offices have started to be opened, providing test drives and maintenance information.

Three models are planned to be launched in 2023. The first model the Atto 3 SUV was released in February 2023. The Atto 3 is scheduled to be followed by the Dolphin hatchback and the Seal sedan.

BYD: History and Business Trends in Japan


Automobile sales affiliate

・In July 2005, BYD established BYD Japan to sell smartphones, PC batteries and BEV buses in Japan. The company is headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. ・In July 2022, BYD Japan established BYD Auto Japan, a wholly owned subsidiary, as a company specializing in BYD's passenger car sales service in Japan. The company is headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Automobile parts and industrial machinery affiliate

・In April 2010, BYD Japan established Tatebayashi Moulding by acquiring the Ogihara Tatebayashi Factory in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture from Thai Summit Group, the parent company of mold maker Ogihara. The factory carries out the pressing process of BYD vehicles. Liu Xueliang, President of BYD Japan, has experience working for Ogihara. ・In July 2020, Tatebayashi Moulding established BYD Forklift Japan, a wholly owned subsidiary that sells electric forklifts. The company is headquartered in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture.

Sales milestones

・In February 2015, BYD delivered five BYD BEV buses in Kyoto, becoming the first Chinese manufacturer to deliver a BEV bus in Japan. ・In March 2019, the J6 BEV small bus was released in Japan. This is the first time for BYD to adjust specifications for the Japanese market. The model is 7 m long and has a maximum driving range of 200 km. ・In December 2020, the K8 BEV large bus was released in Japan.

Entering the passenger vehicle market


・In July 2022, BYD announced that it would enter the Japanese passenger car market in 2023. The company plans to launch three models by the end of 2023. - The Atto 3 was launched in January 2023. The Dolphin will be released in mid- 2023, followed by the Seal in the second half of the year. The Atto 3 is the right- hand drive version of the Yuan Plus which is sold in China. - More than 100 stores are planned to be established in Japan by 2025. BYD aims to sell 20,000 units a year in Japan in 2025.

Overview and value chain of the Atto 3

・The Atto 3’s pricing was announced in December 2022. - The price is set at 4.4 million JPY (suggested retail price, consumption tax included, before subsidies). It is covered by the subsidy which promotes the introduction of clean energy vehicles. Since it supports the external power supply function, the maximum subsidy is 850,000 JPY. In addition, subsidies from prefectures and local governments are also applied. However, the above conditions and amounts are based on the 2022 fiscal budget and delivery by February 17, so the subsidy is subject to change in the following fiscal year. ・BYD also announced various options including payment methods, insurance, after-sales service, vehicle warranty and certified used car business (see details below).

Recent Trends

・In July 2022, BYD Auto Japan partnered with JACCS for the handling of financial plans. - JACCS operates BYD's exclusive financial services business under the name of BYD Auto Finance. ・In July 2022, Meiji Sangyo entered into an agreement with BYD Auto Japan to provide service technology training. - Facilities and equipment such as Meiji Sangyo's training center Seiken e-Garage are used to improve the BYD Auto Japan’s personnel’s knowledge and skills of BEV maintenance. ・In January 2023, BYD Auto Japan signed a business consignment contract with Mitsubishi Logistics and opened a PDI center at Daikoku Pier at the Port of Yokohama. - Mitsubishi Logistics will be entrusted with port entry, maintenance, domestic transportation of vehicles, storage and nationwide delivery of aftermarket parts. Monthly New Registrations in Japan (2022)
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