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Super SOCO: Strengthening Electric Motorcycle Products with New Launches; Introducing Battery Swapping System for Scooters

Super SOCO has two product series, the T series of BEV motorcycles (TC-MAX, TC, TS) and the C series of BEV scooters (CPX, CUX, CT). In February 2021, Vmoto Soco Manufacturing, a joint venture with Australia's Vmoto, with which Super SOCO has a strategic alliance for production and sales, live-streamed the "2021 Vmoto Soco World Premiere" on its YouTube channel and announced two BEV motorcycles, the TC Wanderer (TC 2021) and TS Street Hunter (TS 2021), and a BEV scooter the CUmini. According to local media reports, the TC 2021 and TS 2021 are expected to go on sale in Europe, the company’s main market, around December 2022.

In May 2021, Super SOCO announced that it had partnered with KYMCO of Taiwan on the Ionex Open Energy Platform (Ionex), a battery swapping system, and released the jointly developed Ionex-based electric scooter i-SK. Since Gogoro's system has become the de facto standard for battery swapping systems in Taiwan, KYMCO is trying to find new markets for the iONEX overseas, especially in China. Vmoto Soco Manufacturing will introduce a business model that includes a battery swapping system in order to strengthen fleet sales of electric scooters for sharing services.

Super SOCO: Specifications of BEV Motorcycles and BEV Scooters
Category BEV Motorcycle BEV Scooter
Model Name TC Wanderer TS Street Hunter CU-X CPX
European Classification L1e-B (Rated output: Exceeding 1kW but not exceeding 4kW) L1e-B (Rated output: Exceeding 1kW but not exceeding 4kW) L1e-B (Rated output: Exceeding 1kW but not exceeding 4kW) L3e-A1 (Maximum speed: Exceeding 45km/h)
Price 3,990 EUR 3,790 EUR 2,790 EUR 4,290 EUR (1 battery)
Size (L×W×H) 1,984 × 788 × 1,097mm 2,038 × 780 × 1,085mm 1780 × 660 × 1080mm 2,020 × 790 × 1,440mm
Weight (incl. battery) 100kg (of which battery 12kg) 102kg (of which battery 12kg) 70kg (of which battery 9kg) 115kg (of which battery 19kg)
Drive type In-wheel
Reverse function - Yes
Motor Rated output 2.5kW (in-house made) 1.6kW (Bosch) 4.0kW (Bosch)
Maximum speed 45km/h (75km/h in China) 45km/h 90km/h
Battery Type Removable
Cell supplier CATL
Capacity 1.92kWh×2 1.8kWh 1.35kWh×2
Driving range (at 45km/h constant speed) 120km 80km 140km
Charging time 3.5 hours (1 battery)
(Created using Super SOCO’s PR materials and various media sources)
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