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Toyota Motor’s 2022 Sales Results of Automobiles in Japan

Toyota Motor’s automobile sales in Japan fell by 12.7% from the previous year to 1,288.837 units in 2022. Although Toyota launched a number of new models throughout the year, production was hampered by difficulties in procuring parts, mainly semiconductors.

Monthly sales results reveal the magnitude of the impact of parts shortage. From January to August 2022 sales witnessed double- digit decline, and although September and October saw positive growth, November and December fell below the same month of the previous year again. Nine of the 12 months saw double-digit year-on-year declines, five of which exceeded 20%. However, the situation has started to show signs of improvement from the fall. Throughout the year, Toyota intermittently shut down multiple plants at the same time, but in September, only the Motomachi plant was shut down. As a result, Toyota was able to increase inventory, and sales in September and October exceeded the same month’s results of the previous year. Production suspension in October and November expanded to 10-11 production lines at 7-8 factories, it but dropped to four lines at three factories in December.

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