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Overview of Uzbekistan’s Automobile Market in 2022

Uzbekistan's automobile production volume is estimated to have increased by 38.0% year on year to 333,000 units in 2022. It exceeded 300,000 units for the first time, setting a new record high. This was largely because UzAuto Motors (formerly GM Uzbekistan), a local automobile company that produces passenger cars, increased sales by 40% to 328,000 units. In the first half of the year, a shortage of parts was a hindrance, but with the cooperation of GM, which supplies parts, production expanded in the second half. However, since the domestic market, which is dominated by domestically produced cars, is down from the previous year, it is likely that exports were prioritized.

There is also a keen interest in the country to start producing electric vehicles. In December 2022, UzAuto and BYD agreed to launch a joint venture for BEV and PHEV production. The company is considering supplying not only the domestic market but also surrounding countries. Uzbekistan aims to increase annual production to 500,000 units in the medium term, and the collaboration with BYD is considered to be part of that plan.

Text: Uzbekistan: Recent Developments
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