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Niu Technologies: Aiming to Expand Overseas Business with a Focus on Europe by Strengthening Electric Mobility Products for Various Areas Including Last One Mile

Between 2015 and 2019, Niu Technologies has launched four BEV scooter series, the NQi, MQi, UQi and Gova. The best-selling model in 2020 was the low-priced UQi series, but in 2021, the Gova series, which can be purchased for 3,000-4,000 CNY, is expected to be the best-selling model. The Gova series is a moped with a maximum speed of 25km/h. It is mostly sold in China.

Niu aims to expand sales overseas, especially in Europe, where environmental awareness is high. The company mainly sells BEV scooters the NQi GTS and MQi GT in Europe, which are equivalent to the 125cc class, that meet local needs. In Europe, Niu has built a sales network centered on the Netherlands and Belgium, where electric vehicles account for nearly 30% of motorcycle sales, intensively opening new stores, including flagship stores and premium stores. In addition, demand for motorcycles as personal mobility, which increased after the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, is also on the rise. For this reason, the RQi BEV motorcycle is scheduled to be launched in 2022 in major European motorcycle markets such as Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. The RQi is an urban commuter BEV motorcycle announced together with the electric three-wheeler TQi at CES2020 held in Las Vegas, USA in 2020. Originally, the RQi was scheduled to be released in 2021, but its release has been postponed to 2022.

Niu Technologies: Product Launches of Electric Vehicles
and Specifications of BEV Scooters

Product Launches of Electric Vehicles in China / AsiaProduct Launches of Electric Vehicles in Europe

Specifications of BEV Scooters Launched in Europe

Model Name NQi GTS MQi GT / GT Evo NIU Uqi GT RQi Sport
Category L3e (equivalent to 125cc) L1e / L3e (equivalent to 50cc / 125cc) L1e (equivalent to 50cc) L3e (equivalent to 125cc)
Price 3,599 EUR / 4,299 EUR 3,699 EUR / 4,999 EUR 2,399 EUR / 2,799 EUR 7,690 EUR
Size (L×W×H) 1,890 × 740 × 1,223mm 1,949 × 700 × 1,171mm 1,910 × 740 × 1,128mm 2,080 × 835 × 1,084mm
Weight (incl. battery) 124kg (of which battery 11kg) 115kg (of which battery 11kg) 128kg (of which battery 14kg) 75kg (of which battery 11kg) 186kg (of which batteries 25kg×2)
Drive type In-wheel Onboard (chain type)
Reverse function Yes No
Motor Rated output 3.0kW (Bosch) 3.0kW/5.0kW (Bosch / in-house) 1.2kW (Bosch) 5.0kW (in-house)
Maximum speed 70km/h 45km/h / 100km/h 45km/h 110km/h
Battery Type Removable
Cell supplier Panasonic etc.
Capacity 1.56kWh×2 / 2.1kWh×2 1.48kWh×2 / 1.82kWh×2 1.48kWh×1/2kWh×1 2.59kWh×2
Driving range (WMTC) 100km / 130km 80km / 75km 50km / 60km 120km
Charging time 3.0-6.0 hours 4.0-5.0 hours 9.0 hours 7.0 hours
(Created using Niu Technologies’s PR materials and various media sources)
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