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Honda Motor’s Electric Motorcycle Strategy: Creating Battery Standards in Japan, Europe

Honda is actively working on motorcycle electrification. Honda is promoting the introduction of electric motorcycles equipped with swappable batteries. The company is expanding its product lineup and strengthening cooperation with other companies in Japan and overseas to promote standardization of swappable batteries and battery replacement systems.

In recent years, the company has expanded its lineup of electric motorcycles, mainly for business use in Japan. In addition to the PCX ELECTRIC, whose lease sales to businesses began in November 2018, the BENLY e: the first electric motorcycle for the general public was launched in April 2020, and the GYRO e: electric motorcycle for business use was released in March 2021. In the summer of 2021, Honda plans to launch the GYRO CANOPY three-wheeled electric scooter with roof-type fairing. Since the PCX ELECTRIC has a short cruising range of 41km, the cruising range of the BENLY e: and GYRO e: has been extended to 87km and 72km respectively to improve convenience. Honda is aiming to capture growing demand for electric motorcycles from businesses that are looking for ways to comply with SDGs and ESGs.

In addition to corporate customers, Honda plans to launch three electric motorcycle models for private use by 2024. Honda is also promoting the spread of electric motorcycles equipped with swappable batteries through collaboration with other companies. In March 2021, Honda concluded an agreement with Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha to standardize battery swapping systems for electric motorcycles in Japan. In the same month, Honda announced that it had agreed with KTM, Piaggio and Yamaha to establish a consortium which is aimed at popularizing electric motorcycles and compact electric mobility in Europe. Honda is aiming to unify international standards for swappable battery technology in collaboration with other companies in order to realize economies of scale in battery costs and charging infrastructure.

Honda Motor: Electric Motorcycle Launches


・In April 2020, Honda launched the BENLY e: electric scooter series for business use by companies in Japan. - It uses two Honda Mobile Power Pack swappable lithium-ion batteries. Charging time is about 4 hours. - It is available in four types, BENLY e: I, BENLY e: II, BENLY e: I Pro and BENLY e: II Pro. - The cruising range is 87km of the BENLY e:I and BENLY e:I Pro, and 43km of the BENLY e:II and :II Pro. - The BENLY e:I and BENLY e:II are sold for Prices are 737,000 JPY, while the BENLY e:I Pro and BENLY e:II Pro are sold for for and 748,000 JPY (including consumption tax). - Honda aims to sell 200 units annually of the four types in total.


・In March 2021, the GYRO e: business electric three-wheeled scooter using the swappable battery Honda Mobile Power Pack was launched in Japan. - It is intended exclusively for businesses. It has a large deck that is convenient for delivery. - Demand for home delivery services is growing due to the new corona epidemic, rapidly pushing up demand for business motorcycles. In response to the global trend of tightened emission regulations, companies are showing growing interest in electric vehicles. - The model's cruising range is 72km. - It is equipped with two Honda Mobile Power Pack batteries. Full recharge requires approximately 4 hours. - Honda aims to sell 1500 units annually in Japan. - GYRO e: is sold for 550,000 JPY (including consumption tax). - The GYRO CANOPY e: roofed three-wheeled scooter will be available in the summer of 2021.

New products to be released for personal use

・In April 2021, Honda’s President Toshihiro Mibe announced plans to launch three new electric models in the personal-use area by 2024. - Honda also plans to launch electric vehicles for creational use. (Created using Honda Motor’s PR materials and various media sources)

Honda Motor: Outline of Electric Motorcycles

・In Nov. 2018, Honda began lease sales in Japan. Following that, the model was launched in some parts of ASEAN and South Asia. ・Electric scooter with a driving range of 41km. ・In Apr. 2020, Honda launched it for business use in Japan. ・Electric scooter with a driving range of 87km. ・First model of the Honda e: electric business scooter series. ・In Mar. 2021, Honda launched it for business use in Japan. ・Electric scooter with a driving range of 72km. ・Second model of the Honda e: electric business scooter series. ・Launched in 2019, it is an electric scooter developed for the Chinese market. ・In Apr. 2021, Honda launched a new version with an extended driving range of 90km.
(Created using Honda Motor’s PR materials and various media sources)
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