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Isuzu Motors’ Global Financial Results in FY 2022

Isuzu Motors’ fiscal year 2022 financial results show consolidated sales of 3.2 trillion JPY, an increase of 27.1% from the previous year, and operating income of 253.5 billion JPY, an increase of 35.4%, setting new record highs for the second consecutive year. Increased sales in Thailand due to improvements in parts shortages and the weakening yen pushed up sales. In 2023, although demand declined due to interest rate hikes and inflation in Thailand, sales are expected to increase in Japan and North America, with sales reaching 3.3 trillion JPY and operating income rising to 260 billion JPY.

Graph: Isuzu Motors: Consolidated Sales by Market (Actual: FY 2018-2022, Forecast: FY 2023)Graph: Isuzu Motors: Factors Influencing Consolidated Operating Income (Actual: FY 2021-2022, Forecast: FY 2023)
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