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Asia’s Motorcycle Sales Results in 2022

Asia’s motorcycle sales (this report covers India, Pakistan, six ASEAN countries [Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore] and Taiwan) increased 8.6% compared to the previous year to 30,641,293 units in 2022, surpassing 30 million units for the first time in three years. The world’s largest motorcycle market India went up 9.9% to 16,068,581 units while sales in ASEAN increased 11.3% to 12,358,620 units. All but Pakistan and Taiwan increased, but only Thailand and Malaysia rose to pre-COVID-19 levels. Indonesia, the largest market in ASEAN, recovered only 80% compared to 2019, and other markets returned to 86-92% of the level before the pandemic.

Asia: Sales Volume of Motorcycles by Country / Region (2017–2022)
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