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Projection of India’s Automobile Market in 2023

In 2022, the Indian automobile market is expected to reach a record high of 4.6 million units. The impact of production restrictions due to the supply disruption of semiconductors has been eased, and backorders are being processed at an accelerated pace. On the other hand, due to high fuel costs and other factors, the global trend of inflation has intensified since the beginning of 2022. In India, too, the consumer price index continues to rise and the policy interest rate continues to expand, and the depreciation of the national currency against the US dollar has also contributed to negative factors for the economy.

It is expected that automobile sales will be affected by the increase in auto loan interest rates due to the policy interest rate hike in the coming months. Currency depreciation and inflation are also expected to have a negative impact on vehicle purchasing intentions. Furthermore, a possible global recession in 2023 may cause the Indian economy to cool down which may cause the automobile market to shrink significantly.

Graph: India: Production / Domestic Sales / Export Volume of Automobiles (Actual: 2017-2021, Forecast: 2022, Projection: 2023)Graph: India: INR Exchange Rate Against USD / Change in Consumer Price Rate / Policy Interest Rate (Jan. 2021-Oct. 2022)
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