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Nissan Motor in India: Production and Export Declined Some 50%, Sales Nosedived Nearly 60% in 2020

Nissan Motor’s operations in India have been sluggish. In 2020, both production and export fell sharply, about 50%, from the previous year and sales declined nearly 60%, while Nissan’s market share in India dropped below 0.5%. Although the impact of the new coronavirus infection was significant, Nissan’s production and sales have fallen below the previous year’s results for four consecutive years since 2016, and the slump has not stopped. Nissan has set up a plant with a production capacity of 480,000 units per year as a joint venture with Renault in India, but the utilization rate has been sluggish since the latest peak in 2016 when the Renault Kwid went into production, falling below 30% in 2020. Nissan announced in May 2020 its policy of reducing production capacity globally, but in India it will be inevitable to rebuild the business of the entire alliance with Renault.

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