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Honda Motor’s Business Roadmap for Motorcycles in India

In April 2022, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI), Honda's Indian motorcycle company, released a roadmap on its future business strategy in India. The four growth areas outlined in the roadmap are (1) expansion of exports to developed countries, (2) introduction of flex-fuel vehicles, (3) expansion of low-priced motorcycles, and (4) introduction of electric motorcycles.
- HMSI has already exported products to 40 countries such as European nations and Japan, and plans to continue expanding exports to developed countries.
- Honda plans to introduce flex-fuel motorcycles to the Indian market in the future based on technical knowledge and know-how accumulated on flex- fuel vehicles mainly in Brazil for more than 10 years.
- In India, Honda has a leading market share in the low-priced motorcycle segment, and plans to introduce new low-end models for commuting. -Honda is planning to launch multiple electric motorcycles in the next few years, and is conducting feasibility studies to configure the product lineup and build an electric motorcycle ecosystem in India.
- Globally, Honda is aiming to reduce the number of fatalities from traffic accidents involving its motorcycles and automobiles to zero by 2050. In India as well, Honda intends to raise safety awareness of motorcycle users and implement safety training.

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