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Nissan Motor’s Recent Production and Sales Results in ASEAN

Nissan's business operations in Asia are centered on strengthening the production and export of electric vehicles with a special focus on Thailand. The Kicks, one of the core models of Nissan, is produced in Thailand and exported to Japan. In June 2022, production of e-POWER batteries for the Kicks e-POWER electric vehicle started at a factory in Samutprakarn province, Thailand. It is Nissan's fourth e-POWER battery plant, and the first one outside Japan. The Kicks e-POWER, which is produced in Thailand, went on sale in the Philippines in August 2022, and will be available in Mexico later in the same year. The company also produces the left-hand drive version of the model and it is planned to be exported to countries such as Vietnam where vehicles drive on the right. The role of Thailand as a core production base in ASEAN is expected to grow even further in the coming years.

Nissan Motor: Positioning Asia as a Production Base Centered on Thailand

Starting production of e-POWER batteries in Thailand

・In June 2022, production of batteries for the e-POWER unit installed in the Kicks e-POWER began at a factory in Samutprakarn, Thailand. - It is Nissan's fourth e-POWER battery plant worldwide, and the first one outside Japan. - In the medium-to long-term plan “Nissan NEXT,” announced in May 2020, Thailand was positioned as the center of production in Southeast Asia. In the same year, local production of the Kicks e-POWER for domestic and overseas sales began, and with the start of battery production in 2022, the role of Thailand as a production base has been further strengthened.

Promoting electrification in selected markets

・Since in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, interest in electrified vehicles is relatively high, Nissan aims to lead the way in electrification with the Kicks e-POWER in these countries. - In the Philippines, the government’s decision to withdraw the safeguards on imports from Thailand in September 2021 serves as an opportunity to expand sales. - The Kicks e-POWER will also be introduced in countries with right-hand traffic in Asia. ・The “Nissan NEXT” plan, announced in 2020, has put forth a policy to focus on the core markets of Japan, the United States and China. In ASEAN, Nissan will utilize alliance partners to improve efficiency. (Created using Nissan Motor’s PR materials and various media sources)
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