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Global BEV / PHEV Market Led by Chinese, EU Brands; Japanese OEMs Lack Serious Presence

The global PHEV / BEV / FCEV market increased 2.1-fold from the previous year to 6,706,428 units in 2021 (The data is based on sales results of 42 countries around the world [sales data of some countries was substituted with production or registration data] which account for 85% of the world’s total automobile market.). China accounted for 52.0% of the global market, going up 2.7-fold to 3,487,100 units. China was followed by Europe with 33.7%, North America with 10.9%, South Korea with 1.7% and Japan with a mere 0.7%.

Graph: World: Market Size of PHEVs / BEVs / FCEVs (2010-2021)
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