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BMW Group’s 2022 Automobile Sales Results in Japan

BMW Group’s automobile sales in Japan decreased by 6.8% year-on-year to 47,988 units in 2022. The automaker’s share of the foreign brand vehicle market remained unchanged from the previous year at 19.8%, while its share of the imported vehicle market increased by 0.5 point to 15.5%. Due to soaring vehicle prices and supply constraints, sales volume fell further below in 2022, following two years of sharp decline which was triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. However, due to the sluggish trend in the market as a whole BMW Group’s market share stayed around the same level as the previous year.

BMW Group: Sales Volume of Automobiles and Share of Foreign Brand Market in Japan (2017-2022, YTD Mar. 2022 / 2023)BMW Group: Monthly Sales Volume of Automobiles in Japan (Jan. 2021-Mar. 2022)
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