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Infiniti’s Global Sales Results in 2021, Poor Sales in Europe

Nissan Motor’s luxury car marque Infiniti is intending to rebuild its brand strategy under Nissan’s medium-term management plan Nissan NEXT. With the sales of Infiniti brand models declining, Nissan discontinued production of the Infiniti Q30 and QX30 in Sunderland, UK in 2019, and withdrew from the European market in 2020. After leaving Europe, Infiniti has been expanding business activities in the United States and China. Infiniti sold some 218,000 units worldwide in 2017; however, this figure dropped to around 110,000 units in 2020 when the luxury brand pulled out of the Europe market. In 2021, sales further declined due to the pandemic and insufficient semiconductor supply. Sales in the United States fell 26.4% from the previous year to 58,553 units and sales in China witnessed a 55.4% drop to 12,296 units.

Bar graph: Infiniti: Sales Results by Country (2017-2021)Pie chart: Infiniti: Global Sales Composition by Type and Model (2021)
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