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Renault to mass-produce two-motor series-parallel hybrid system E-TECH using dog clutch from 2020

Renault announced a new full hybrid (strong hybrid) E-TECH engine in the spring of 2019. The new engine will be installed on the HEV version of the new Clio, scheduled to be released in 2020, and on the PHEV version of the new Captur and new Mégane both scheduled to be released later that year. The base of E-TECH is the hybrid concept Eolab announced by Renault in 2014. Under Ghosn’s leadership, mass production of the series hybrid e-POWER developed by Nissan was actively promoted, while the E-TECH did not see any progress. After the downfall of Ghosn, Renault was happy to decide to introduce a self-developed hybrid system. For Renault, whose main battlefield is Europe, E-TECH is technically attractive. In Europe, where high-speed driving is common, a two-motor system that can generate torque directly from the engine, and can also suppress rotation during coasting by separating the motor is advantageous over the series hybrid system. Another special feature of E-TECH is the dog clutch. Unlike a multi-plate clutch that transmits torque by friction of stacked plates, a dog clutch directly engages / disengages gears by meshing the opposing gear teeth surfaces.
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