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New Pi4 PHEV Platform

China’s major SUV manufacturer Great Wall Motor introduced the Pi4 standardized platform used for PHEV models in March 2018. In the following month, Great Wall, which is a latecomer in the NEV segment, launched the Wey P8 SUV model built on the Pi4 platform. Looking at specifications of the Pi4, the front engine (P0) is fitted with a 48V BSG (belt-driven starter generator) with a maximum output of 15kW and the rear axle (P4) is equipped with an 85kW drive motor. Using the efficiency characteristics of the engine and the motor, rear-wheel drive is used for medium to low-speed range, front-wheel drive is used for high-speed range and all-wheel drive is used for acceleration and uphill drive. It is China’s first NEV system that meets the ISO26262 functional safety standard. Great Wall intends to maintain off-road SUV capabilities of its NEV models as well. The automaker plans to use the Pi4 platform for PHEV models, the Hi4 platform for HEV models and a four-wheel-drive platform for BEV models. Powertrain components are planned to be standardized, indicating Great Wall’s earnest dedication to its electrification strategy.
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