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Lexus’s Global Sales Results in 2021, Becoming A BEV-only Brand by 2035

Toyota Motor’s luxury vehicle brand Lexus has been steadily increasing global sales. Lexus sold about 400,000 units globally in 2011, but sales exceeded 765,000 units by 2019. In 2020, when corona was wreaking havoc around the world, Toyota Group’s overall sales declined 10.8% from the previous year; however, Lexus’s rate of decline was only 6.1%, maintaining sales above 700,000 units.

In 2021, although sales did not reach the pre-corona level of 2019, it increased 5.7% to over 760,000 units. Looking at sales composition by market in 2021, North America accounted for 43.6% of all sales followed by Asia (excluding Japan) with 34.7% and Europe with 9.2%.

Bar graph: Lexus: Sales Results by Country (2011-2021)
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