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HoloMatic to Supply Autonomous Parking and Highway Driving Solutions to Mass-made Vehicles

This report includes information on the following topics: Key images:
  • HoloMatic
  • driving solutions
  • autonomous driving
  • autonomy
  • Level 3.5
  • Level 4
  • China
  • Beijing
  • autonomous parking
  • mass production
  • product lineup
  • HoloPilot
  • highway driving
  • HoloParking
  • valet parking
  • Ni Kai (CEO)
  • company goals
  • parts supply
  • automakers
  • company overview and history
  • Sun Guoyu (co-founder)
  • Jiang Jingfang (Senior Vice President)
  • Huang Lei (Senior Vice President)
  • 2017
  • autonomous driving development platform
  • Level 2-5 automatic driving
  • V2X
  • joint laboratory
  • Wuhan University
  • connected vehicle road test
  • Jiangsu province
  • Beijing-Shanghai Expressway
  • School of Geodesy and Geomatics
  • autonomous driving research
  • HoloPolaris high-precision positioning module
  • HoloX autonomous driving simulation verification platform
  • business objectives
  • industrialization
  • recent developments
  • partnerships
  • Tsinghua University
  • visual sensing
  • Hangzhou Zhuoxi Brain and Intelligence Research Institute
  • research of artificial intelligence and brain science
  • algorithms
  • sensing
  • research
  • simulation & testing
  • platforms
  • multi-sensor
  • product exhibition
  • GAC Research Institute
  • passenger vehicle models
  • 2022 launch plans
  • financing
  • funding rounds
  • use of funds
  • amount of funds
  • investors
  • date of investment
  • IDG
  • NavInfo
  • Zenity Holdings
  • BAI
  • Sequoia Capital China
  • Yuhai Investment
  • Yuanxing Yuhan Fund
  • Chaos Investment
  • Tongfang Investment
  • Yulin Investment
  • development of autonomous driving technology
  • accelerating adoption
  • expansion of team
  • core technology
  • manufacturing & sales
  • production of sensors & other hardware
  • hardware & software platform construction
  • multi-sensor fusion
  • capabilities
  • active lane change & overtaking
  • on/off-ramp & highway-to-highway interchange
  • ODD (Operational Design Domain)
  • Velodyne lidar
  • HPP (Home Zone Parking Pilot)
  • AVP (Automated Valet Parking)
  • VW Magotan
  • Buick Envision
  • Chery Xiaomayi
  • Wuling E100
  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)
  • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
  • compatibility
  • high-precision maps
  • simulator
  • real-world road conditions
  • scenario library
  • traffic flow simulation
  • production and R&D base
Illustration of highway driving: HoloPilot Illustration of parking lot with cars entering and exiting: HoloParking Holomatic company logo

HoloMatic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., established in June 2017, is a Beijing-based company specializing in the development of autonomous driving technology. The company’s product lineup includes solutions such as HoloPilot (Level 3.5) for autonomous highway driving and HoloParking (Level 4) for autonomous valet parking. In August 2020, HoloMatic’s CEO Ni Kai said that the current goal of the company is to realize mass-production of the HoloPilot and HoloParking solutions. The company is in talks with several automakers about the supply of the two systems to mass-manufactured vehicles.

HoloMatic: Company Overview and History


Company name: HoloMatic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Holomatic company logo
Headquarters: Beijing, China
Established: March 2017
Capital: 8.749 million CNY
Employees: Approx. 200 (80% R&D personnel)
Business scope: Autonomous driving solutions based on artificial intelligence and automotive industry technologies.
Top management: - Founder and CEO Ni Kai: Graduated from Tsinghua University with bachelor’s degree in automation and master’s degree in computer science. Holds a PhD degree in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology. Joined Baidu in 2013 and was responsible for technological development and road testing of self-driving cars as a senior scientist at Baidu’s deep learning research institute. Joined LeEco Group in January 2016 and was the vice president of the autonomous driving division. Founded HoloMatic in March 2017. - Co-founder Sun Guoyu: Founded NavInfo in 2002 and was CEO of the company until 2015. - Senior Vice President Jiang Jingfang: Former Senior Vice President of Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou). Joined HoloMatic in June 2021. - Senior Vice President Huang Lei: Former Vice President of Bosch (China), and former vice president and general manager of purchasing of Chongqing Sokon Group. Joined HoloMatic in May 2020.


・Mar. 2017: Established. ・Nov. 2017: Introduced its autonomous driving development platform which supports the development of Level 2-5 automatic driving technology. ・Jan. 2018: Introduced HoloPilot, an autonomous driving system for highway driving. ・Sep. 2018: Demonstrated the combination of autonomous driving and V2X. ・Dec. 2018: Unveiled the HoloParking valet parking system. ・Mar. 2019: Established a joint laboratory for autonomous driving technology with Wuhan University. ・Apr. 2019: Obtained approval for connected vehicle road test in Jiangsu province. Tested HoloPilot on the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. ・Apr. 2019: Established a joint laboratory with Wuhan University’s School of Geodesy and Geomatics to research autonomous driving. ・Oct. 2019: Unveiled the HoloPolaris high-precision positioning module and the HoloX autonomous driving simulation verification platform. (Created using HoloMatic’s PR materials, and various media and other sources)
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