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EV Diffusion in Major Markets Around the World in 2023

A comparison of the PEV (PHEV + BEV) penetration status in 2023 in major markets around the world in terms of both EV chargers and new PEV passenger vehicle sales reveals that Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Iceland have a high diffusion rate relative to the population.

Meanwhile, in terms of the number of EV chargers per 1,000 people, South Korea ranked high at 4th place with 3.89. The number of PEVs sold per 1,000 people is 2.37 (21st in the world), and the ratio of PEVs to passenger vehicle sales remains at 8.1% (24th in the world), indicating that infrastructure development is progressing ahead of the curve.

Table data: World: EV-related Indicators (2023)
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